You don’t have to understand what Amara la negra is singing to become a fan of hers.
She got that look about her that keeps your interest level on high. Are you feeling Amara?

The 23-year-old Dominican-American singer, songwriter, model, and dancer has been hitting up all the Latino radio stations on her Northeast U.S. promo tour to get the word out about her music. With her head-turning dance moves, and catchy singles like “Whine” and “Ayy,” Amara has taken the music scene in the Dominican Republic by storm. And with a collaboration with Mr. Vegas in the works, we’re sure it won’t be long before you’re hearing her name a lot more often. Once you watch the video for “Ayy” (a remake of the Brazilian Funk song “Velocidade 6″ or “Vai” by Mulher Melancia), you’ll see just why. As far as we’re concerned, she sets the bar for wining on a Spanish-language track to an all-time high (See what we mean in the videos below).

It isn’t just the music that has our eyes fixed on the Miami native. As her name might imply, Amara La Negra isn’t shy about putting her chocolate-hued complexion on display and her drop-dead gorgeous looks might have a little something to do with that. Those killer curves, her show-stopping, Celia-esque curly afro and bubbly personality will have you google image-searching her for your next #WomanCrushWednedsay. La Negra (That’s a term of endearment for beautiful dark-skinned ladies) is redefining beauty in the D.R., bolstering every Afro-Dominicana’s pride in their skin tone and ample backside.


  • crabapples

    Wow… I’m a fan after seeing that flexibility. Definitely a fine woman. Thick and pretty.

  • bobevil

    I’d wife.

  • bobevil

    Natural butt, natural boobs, natural hair, super flexible, skin that looks like fresh hot chocolate. Wow. The braces when they come off are going to reveal perfect natural teeth. Wow. She’s is amazing.

  • Playboy69

    Definitely a Team Chocolate chick…and she give me that Kelis vibe….LOL!


    a chocolate Dominican….wow.

    • queso (The Corp)

      The majority of them are dark kid.

      • bobevil

        Thank you @queso, Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti. Although, the media loves to push light brown skin to beige Dominicans many of them are dark brown to black. Dominicans also have a color issue, they refuse to see themselves as black and they do not like their Haitian neighbors. Matter of fact, Amara has a video out where she talks about the issues she faced being a dark skin Dominican.

        • crabapples



        @queso….this is what i love about the tri-state area….all kind of chocolate goodies in the latin world…cubans,panamanians,dominicans,colombians,puerto ricans,brazilians, name it.

  • MGC Red(#Winny2014)

    Good God she got a body on her…nice toe nails too

  • Miller

    Now that’s a bad b$%^h her face is gorgeous she look like a thicker versions of the chick lanisha cole from price is right

    • Big ALbert

      +100 she does kind of look like her. Amara got waaaay more curves tho.

      • Miller

        Yea she does

  • Big B

    Known about her for a couple years. She’s definitely bangin.

  • 1luv

    Damn she looks flexible! I need it in my life.

  • sadiki

    She needs to lose that la negra at the end of her name.Fine sista though!

    • dusty

      you are stupid… negra/negro means black in spanish.
      shes a woman so it becomes negra..

      • Curt

        Still she doesn’t need it.

  • BnBHP

    AY!! She got it…

  • Jack Boner

    She’s a fraud she swagger jackin Andressa Soares shit plus Andressa way badder than this copycat

    • Curt

      Awhh you with that too,