Amanda Bynes: “I Want Drake to Murder My va***”

· March 22, 2013

The last rapper Amanda Bynes tweeted about was Jay-Z when she called him ugly. Now she wants a rapper to beat dat pu$$y up..

Thursday evening Amanda had Twitter buzzing, Lohan arch nemesis Amanda Bynes tweeted the following statement: “I want @drake to murder my va***.” As of this writing, it’s been retweeted 4,327 times. Happy birthday, Twitter. I wonder if Drake is going to accept this challenge.

This is what she looks like..

News around the web..

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  1. she done fell off a little but uh..won’t be surprised if we hear the “i was hacked” story here. then again,this seems too sweet to be true..AH! a double entendre.

  2. Big ALbert says:

    She needs some help because she’s obviously unstable. I remember when she was normal looking. Now she looks bloated, coked up and for lack of a better word “ratchet”

  3. Boiiiiiiiiiii says:

    And thought disney only groomed child stars into ratchet beatdown adults, Bynes seemed to keep sh!t on the low tho, thought she was livin good

  4. Hollywood chew you up maine spit you out maine. But white folks age fast as fuck.

  5. Big P says:

    Bitch high on that molly

  6. MoorFedayeen says:

    I think she was the one from Nickolodeon that dated Kid Kudi for a min and sweeted about how much she loves chocolate. Nothing new. Beyonce prob salty about that comment tho. lol

  7. Mister Mister says:

    Hilarious but sad at the same time. It’s obvious something ain’t been right with her for a minute.

    But Drake seems to have smashed Tatyana Ali after she put it out there she was feeling him….but he might wanna stay away from this crazy bat. She’d mess around & say he raped her when it was straight up consensual

  8. fuks up wit that fur coat in tha last pic doe?…must be a chinchilla…lol

    glad the site aint trip’n 2day…

  9. thought it wasnt trip’n…wheres my comment?…i think this is a TC conspiracy against prest…lol

  10. damnshame says:

    i c porn star n her near future….

  11. 1luv says:

    Did some research on her, 2012 was bad year for her.

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