Beyonce’s inauguration dress had everyone standing attention. I would have thought Michelle Obama would have been the one wearing the outfit everyone was supposed to be the most excited to see this morning.

Rep. Peter King snapping a cell-phone picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z as they walked by him arriving at the ceremonial swearing-in during the 57th Inauguration.

On Sunday, local officials lowered their estimate of how many people would show up to watch him take his second oath of office, suggesting that 500,000 to 700,000 would be in Washington, D.C. for the occasion.

However, this afternoon, the White House, citing an inaugural official, estimated that 1 million watched his inaugural address in person.

But before printing that figure in the history books, there are bound to be other estimates trickling in over the coming days, if history is any guide.

In 2009, the District of Columbia officially estimated that 1.8 million witnessed Mr. Obama’s first inauguration, eclipsing the previous record set by Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 inauguration: 1.2 million.

The 1.8 million figure lingers as the “official” count, although there are some who disputed that figure at the time.

It bears to note that the 1 million figure released today is from the White House and the inaugural organizers, who have an interest in making today’s event appear as successful and well-attended as possible.

Image by Rob Carr / Getty Images


    I was wondering if Jay Z was being sworn in.

  • crabapples

    check out barack’s eyes in that last pic.  he wants to smash.

  • BzB

    beyonce had mad cats acting like they just popped a molly
    first pic…joe biden looks at the onion and almost sheds a tear.  dude to the right of bey in the same picture…”dat azz”.  even billy clinton in the background on his tippy toes taking a look and biting his lip.
    i ain’t hating.  she a bad chick