Alaya Lee ‘The Life’ Video

· January 28, 2013


We showed you the behind the scenes pictures from Alaya Lee’s ‘The Life’ video directed by MJ check out the finished product. Also she released new pictures from her Robin V photoshoot. Are you feeling it?


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  1. Unfortunately for her,this video follows maliah’s video from last week. So it makes alaya video look “basic” LOL. Teamchocolate fails again smh

  2. Just "I" says:

    These the most butt ugliest, nerdy dudes in the world.

  3. President Ward says:

    LaStarya end of story.

  4. The Man says:

    I remember when strip clubs were called GENTLEMEN CLUBS…clubs just for men now they’re clubs for men and women.

    It’s fvcked up because it’s like we as men can’t have anything exclusive anymore that’s just for us. Like we gotta fvcking share everything we do NATURALLY with women.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      I can’t even hate on that one man. I love seeing bad broads in the strip joint or coming in with one but I feel you somewhat. I don’t like the extreme trick nature and how strippers don’t have to work much anymore but nothing stays the same.

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