Afternoon Thick Em’s: @Musicalatm

· July 13, 2014


How many people remember @Musicalatm from Love & Hip Hop? Shawty is stacked like 100 quarters.. you get her hair did for her and it’s on a popping.




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  1. MoorThugRelated says:


  2. SuperFLY says:

    she’s official…every man’s dream is 2 have a fine looking woman wit a good job,smart,fun,educated,classy,hard-working,respectful,can cook,got common sense as well as 5 senses,very experienced wit game n not being told on wat 2 n not 2 do n a super freak in between the bed sheets….if she or any female fits dis description she’s official n good 2 go…

  3. MGC InfaRED says:

    Her face ain’t all that but her body nice

  4. lazarus says:

    I feel like ya’lls standards is dropping a lil bit.
    If I seen her in the spot in them white pants she can get fed tho.

  5. miguel_t says:

    Is that the girl from love & hip hop atl girlfriend/best friend?

  6. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    Fcuk this cabbage faced looking b!tech I wish a broad would have the nerve to say she gone sex my broad without sharing , I would slap fireeee out that hoe , I think the whole marriage is a coverup

  7. Kevin Jones says:

    Man #$#$k outta HERE this cheap w#$#
    Man ANS no more regular @$#s with good shapes getting shine Bad @$#@s only please If you give these @#$s shine SMH I rather you go post a hard work women up with some stats and credentials That have goals or some #$@@t this next week Tramp stamp side show @#h outttta here!

  8. President Ward says:


  9. 1luv says:

    I pass on this one.

  10. downbydariver says:

    F$%in with the white ole skool cutlass in the background….

  11. 828jeffe says:

    She thick but ill pass. That ishh on LOve and hip hop was uncalled for

  12. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    Iont care man I like this lil bitch!

    ….and she from round the way


    It’s h@# here! Tammy from here too

  13. tHe kiD fRanKiE says:

    Ain’t no nigga on here honestly gonna say they wouldn’t hit this!


    • NoWhiteInMyCup says:

      I would smash but I be damnnn if a biitch gone walk in my house and say she gone smash my wife without me in my own house and talk s@#t behind the scenes

      Now I do not believe that any of the bullish!t on this show is real but at the same time fake or not if you as a person must be held accountable for actions even if its fake reality

      Plus this dusty looking broad just give out bad vibes , I would slap this broad with preheated baby powder if she tried me like that

  14. brietling says:

    id smash

    check Prae out though

  15. queso (The Corp) says:

    Yea that as# crazy doubt!

  16. KutDawg says:

    I’ll pass. Bish was hella annoying on that show. N 4get the whole threesome fiasco. How come ain’t nobody concerned that this hoe ain’t got no job she had to get back to or nothing? 24/7 this heffa just got time to “turn up?!” Bitch is a foot dragger.

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