Monday’s afternoon thick em’s winner Dime of the South is definitely down south thick.She is cute but a dime is a strong ti*le for a woman to give herself. Are you feeling her?


1. How did you become the “Dime of the South”? Dime of the South was a name that came to me. Dime is 10 , and everything I am & everything I do is a 10.

2. How does one stand out in Miami with so many beautiful ladies everywhere? Standing out in Miami isn’t hard when I am being myself.

3. What was your first photoshoot? My first photoshoot was for a catalog magazine that took place in downtown Miami. The experience of my first shoot was an everlasting experience.

4. What was your most memorable photo shoot? My most memorable photoshoot was the shoot i just did with DOPE MAG with MMG recording artist Meek Mill. DOPE MAG by far has given me the best experience I’ll never forget!

5. What is your impression of Meek Mill after shooting with him? My impression is that he is an amazing artist. He was very humble and down to earth.

6. What do you consider your best asset? My best asset would of course be my ass!

7. What do you like least about your body? Well I really have grown to like everything because GOD made me how I am.

8. Before you began modeling what were you doing? I was in school and I’m still in school finishing up with my BA, so I’m pretty excited about that.

9. Where do you hope your modeling career takes you? I want my model career to open doors to me being a succesful singer and or actor!

10. What do you find most attractive in a man? His ability to love God at no cost, his mind, and body.

11. Are you single? No, I’m happily in a relationship.

12. Name the se*iest hip hop artist? Would Trey Songz count?! (Laughs)

13. Who do you have playing in your ipod playlist right now? Katy Perry , The Script, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Taylor Swift

14. What do you like to do for fun? I enjoy modeling, singing, and praising the Lord.

15. Do you think models are taken seriously in the hip hop world? Yes, I believe so.

16. Who is your favorite female hip hop artist? Nicki Minaj

17. Tell us something about you that we would be surprised to know? I have an amazing voice. I was a contestant on X factor Season 2012. 

18. Growing up as a child, what did you want to be? I wanted to be a dentist!

19. Where can we find you?

20. What is your definition of a diva? A diva is one who is definitely hip and walks at her own pace. She is definitely a hustler and won’t stop until she accomplishes her goals.



  • President Ward


  • oooh..she’s canadian bacon thick!

    • queso (The Corp)

      @Lateef she reminds me of that comedian chick wit no neck cant think of her name right now.

      • queso (The Corp)

        Sheryl Underwood!!

  • *3 reasons she fails*

    Her name…..Waay too arrogant
    Her answers…”everything I do is a 10& everything I am is a 10″
    Her pictures….obviously photoshopped!!!

    Try again teamchocolate!! #corp life

    • Queso (The Corp)

      Chick is wack kid.

      • MoorFedayeen

        N1ga you already know she aint no front runner for the bloody Coalition but she could get tossed for the night.

      • queso (The Corp)

        Throwback Angryman voice “Ahhh u BP niccas dont like no reaaaal sistas!!!” lol

        • Realtalkin

          Loool yo where @angryman at for real

  • Realtalkin

    Id smash her but i dnt feel her as much as she feels herself!

  • Black Brock Sampson

    This bit need to wake up… She wouldn’t even be a dime if she was a porn star.. Let alone modeling. FOH lol

  • I didn’t know people still wore DNKY

  • MoorFedayeen

    Real rap she aint no dime. More like a 7 or 7.5 at best. She lost more points when asked what her best asset was. A dime wouldn’t say that.

    • President Ward

      This n*gga got tired of watching porn? So he’s back on here kissin’ azz.

      • MoorFedayeen

        My n1gga I come over there and take a sh1t & piss on ya life. Don’t fukc wit me.

  • blizzy

    bonus pic love it …. killa pose

  • Tim

    The second Pic makes her look better, rather the photo shop is better. Women like her give real chocolate dimes a bad name. Stay in school!

  • lazarus

    NO comment.

    • hahaha speak on it @Laz

      • lazarus

        It’s jus that mentality fam, No Hate. Jus tired of THIS mentality in our women. And a 7 is a stretch imho.

        “I’ma ten”. FOHWTBS. On what planet.?????

        • trap101

          sounding like a conceited lil cunt ain’t she?

  • 828heffe

    Not a bad looking woman but she is full of herself. Classic example of how men blow up women head with all the attention. A big booty dont make her a dime!

  • Mister Mister

    Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought this chick was hyping herself too much. She’s borderline butter face anyway.

  • 1luv

    Yea atleast a 6.5 or 7. I always thought it wasup he men to score ypur beautyness? Any women can be a dime in there own way. Too much attention makes her over confidence.