Here is a headline you see on Fox news or national news station..

Africans have the highest educational attainment rates of any immigrant group in the United States with higher levels of completion than the stereotyped Asian American model minority. It is not only the first generation that does well, as estimates indicate that a highly disproportionate percentage of black students at elite universities are African or the children of African immigrants.

In an an**ysis of Census Bureau data by the Journal of Blacks in higher education, African immigrants to the United States were found more likely to be college educated than any other immigrant group. African immigrants to the U.S. are also more highly educated than any other native-born ethnic group including white Americans. Some 48.9 percent of all African immigrants hold a college diploma. This is slightly more than the percentage of Asian immigrants to the U.S., nearly double the rate of native-born white Americans, and nearly four times the rate of native-born African Americans.

In 1997, 19.4 percent of all adult African immigrants in the United States held a graduate degree, compared to 8.1 percent of adult whites and 3.8 percent of adult blacks in the United States, respectively. This information suggests that America has an equally large achievement gap between whites and African/Asian immigrants as it does between white and black Americans.

Of the African-born population in the United States age 25 and older, 86.4% reported having a high school degree or higher, compared with 78. 9% of Asian born immigrants and 76.5% of European born immigrants, respectively. These figures contrast with 61.8% percent of the total foreign-born population.


  • Bob

    Awesome post. Things like this inspire me.

  • Playboy69

    That’s Great!… Now this what BLACK HISTORY MONTH is all about!

  • Pretty Manny

    As a product of African born parents I can attest to this.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Just another positive fact you WON’T hear in the mass media. Peace Hahz

  • 1luv

    Another thing I notice is that African Americans would be far more successful in there field then black Americans. When I went to college there were a lot of African students and it looks like they have more to strive for compared to the average black students in America.

    • Mister Mister

      This is true. I’d say most of the time, the African immigrants have a strong family base & their culture sticks together hard – like really doing the whole village raising a child part. Black Americans are sorely lacking that & that’s why you see them running around with no direction

      • Wilkingson

        Great wish to know where u come from thou

  • meem

    I have a question , under the most educated people in nigerian I wonder why the person wroteed “IGBO” what was the reason for that specifications and are they not nigerians ?

  • Mark

    The facts are not supported by any referenced material. I could find an article like this on Wikipedia. For all we know it’s some idiots form of a joke.

  • Ednica

    Wikipedia doesn’t count as a source

  • Balogun Oluwaseyi Jessy

    Knowledge is the medicine to Africa problems. Here in Nigeria, Children of the poors hawk in the highway to sponsor thierself to college. Even in the face of no jobs, they still prefer to further education to graduate schools.

  • Newton

    when will this trickle down in fruit form to affect Africa. It is time we swept our house clean and sorted the most potentially wealthy continent.

  • Chikwepa

    Well it´s easy, if you mess around with your education, you lose your, get deported. You get a felon, lose visa -> deported. . . etc.

    & Africans are most likely to come to the USA on a student visa, than would any other group/sub-group, despite what racial delapities might want to claim.

  • Wakow Donge

    It’s good things to know, they doing good in United State. In this Country you have to open your eyes and doing what you have to do. Every things is upside down. Good job guys.

  • Not so good

    This means that Africa is loosing its best people

  • shbkyn45

    You have never, and will never hear white racist media, or so called liberal media report this. If it was any other group they would let you know, especially if they were the so called smart Europeans.

  • Dikotomii X

    The reason for this is the fact that immigrants, and especially minorities, are guaranteed scholarships and business loans from the SBC here in America.
    Whites are not given these grants to go to school or open businesses with no guarantee of payback.

    • jjnurse

      That’s a dumb statetment. Aren’t Asians, Europian, Russians, etc minorities? Are we not all minorities? I’ve never heard of immigrants given grants and scholarships to go to school. Actually, a lot of them has to pay full tuition or out of state tuition. I worked in the financial aid office at a university and I can tell you, your statement is very false.

    • Buba

      You’re really making this up. I have a Civil Engineering degree/computer science from Georgia Tech (formally Georgia Institute of Technology) and had no scholarship or grant until my final year from Honeywell.

    • Lover of Nature & Humanity

      Dude, you’re these statements from the clouds – from your clouded and delusional minds afflicted by racism and ignorance. No wonder why we foreign-Blacks, are outperforming you. We fly under the radar, keep underestimating us.