Affion Crockett Does Impressions Of Jay-Z, Barack Obama & Chris Rock On Lopez Tonight (Video)

· August 4, 2011

Funny Comedian Affion Crockett does his impressions of Barack Obama, Chris Rock and Jay-Z, and teaches George and his entire audience how to Dougie.

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  1. geezy says:

    i really didn’t know anything about him until that show “wild’n’out.” but this dudes hella funny.

  2. MalleG's says:

    funny cat

  3. don_mayor says:

    that was good, looking forward to his show on Fox

  4. hot_spit says:

    This guy has been working for a long time. First met him in 1995 doing a college comedy show… he was in Ace Venture Pet Detective.

  5. HoesBoreMe says:

    I like Aries Spears Jay-Z better. But Affion is that dude!

  6. ShowYaKnow says:

    Ol boy murked that Marvins room skit, funny, and been grinding for a minute

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