Achonti Shanise (BTS) Straight Stuntin Magazine Shoot

· May 10, 2012

NYC Model Achonti Shanise gives you some Thickness Thursday morning motivation with her behind the scenes Straight Stuntin magazine video. Are you feeling Achonti?

Twitter @AchontiShanise

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Discussion22 Comments

  1. WildWild says:

    Man that walk is mean…

  2. Playboy69 says:

    Achonti Shanise is HOT! Got dat OLD RIHANNA Look going for her! She is a NINE! THICK AZZ REDBONE GOTTA LUV IT!…LMAO!

  3. treydarealest1 says:

    face kinda off body good work.

  4. realtalkldn says:

    she got some hips on her, sexy ass walk too! I like. Not too keen on the face though

    • queso BP.1 says:

      Likewise…face is a little less than desirable…I tell u what though I had worse and ill beat the brakes off shorty! Lol

      • realtalkldn says:

        most definately, i think her face is more bearable depending on the facial expressions she makes, some pics of hers look better than others

  5. Prez Ward is in the building swagga on a hundred thousand, trillion.

    Cute thick redbone thank god for women.

  6. 313Deuce says:

    Man damn i would take her on a stroll through Smash Ave. Ma you got it and thats real.

  7. DCAssLuva says:

    good lawd!! that walk is mean that azz just jiggles by its self

    in the pics she kinda phat!! its workable wit me

  8. PapiChulo says:

    The pics dont do her any justice at all , but that video Ooooooo weeee

  9. crabs says:

    that tiny waist and thick legs put me in a good mood! she’s definitely one to have on the team.

  10. TYBO2020 says:


  11. Zay Capri says:

    “Damn” it’s only 17 comments about her i thought it would be 100 by now. Shawty made my day with this one and if you go have a kid with a industry b*tch she is a prime example. I feel her ass without touching it and whoever fucking her “n!gga two thumps up” that’s a win,win,right there so all this celebrity’s with these’s ugly ass wife’s need to choose wisely because i can never get tired of looking at this b!tch for life.

  12. Cold and Hot says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this chick is damn near perfect to me, body face included.

  13. wobeli says:

    She’s super thick and fine, nice shake and cuff with each step.

  14. QuaiQuai_20 says:

    Hell yeah!! That booty is phaaattt!!

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