A Night Out With Atlnightspots x A$$ETS Apparel (Khrysti Hill) Video

· October 3, 2012

A night in the ATL with Atlnightspots.com and Assetsapparel.com starring Khrysti,Hill,Brianna Bette,Classi Jazzi8,Buityfullae, Donna Soublet.


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  1. yungwhittx says:

    Nice…Brianna on her Sh1t rite now

  2. Playboy69 says:


  3. Will says:

    Damn!!! @ Hahz…nice job, man! That was the fastest 3 minutes of my life and the camera angles were definitely on point…I can appreciate a dude filming a scene the way they always wanted to see it done!

  4. HipHop2 says:

    I see Donna is still trying to learn how to bounce all dat azz. lol

    • Oh I can help her out real easily LOL!!…

      *B strait in the bedroom wit donna soublet*…”so baby I hear ur having trouble bouncing that azz….well get naked & bend over & I’m gonna see if we can get it bouncing real good” LOL.

  5. R.E.D.BP Monopoly says:

    Brianna so fucking fine………Them Nips on high alert

  6. SCOOTYBLACK says:

    Bri is gorgeous

  7. Realtalkin says:

    very nicee.

  8. queso BP.1 says:

    Maybe I need to see Bria in person cus she don’t do that much for me now Khrysti on the other hand WHEEEEEEEW love that chick!!!

    • **BP film review**

      I loved this short lil film,the way it captures the lovely assets of various ladies LOL. Showing women out for a night on the town getting buzzed of the “goose(grey goose)” and groping each other. The star of this film was easily khrysti hill with her big azz tits & azz to match. The director gives us a close up look of ms hill lovely assets LOL. I give this film..3 1/2 stars!!!. Lmao!! @ “a hahz film” LOL. Good sh*t @hahz!

  9. Brianna lookin’ real good.

  10. WHATDAHELL says:

    khrysti hill = Top 5 all natural

  11. Well I’ll be got damn! Only in America. Krysti Hill is a stallion. All ladies are looking good as hell don’t know who to crown. I see Donna azz is going crazy in those plaid blk/wht pants. Krysti’s azz is just rediculous no further comments. I see my girl Candance Von up in the scene. I know she smashed one of the girls that night. Brianna.B all I can say is…..10 card!!!!! I would of ran my car off the street if I would of seen all that live in effect.

  12. Mr Nice Guy says:

    The way pics should be taken! Nice work Hahz!

  13. TYBO2020 says:


  14. BigHRD2 says:

    Khrysti Hill always look damn good and she talks as good as she looks.

  15. Yung Jay says:

    You know I want the chocolate one.

  16. wobeli says:

    Briana is a very good look, but I still can’t choose her over the thickness Khrysti came with.

  17. land86 says:

    who is the girl in black white?

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