9 Year Old Raises $300,000 From Lemonade Stand For A Good Cause

· February 14, 2013

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We all heard or seen of a child trying to start off their first business by opening up a lemonade stand in front of the house and make a few dollars here and there but 9 year old Vivienne Harr, has done what many have never done. Vivienne Harr, a 9 year old San Francisco native has raised $300,000 from a self become probably one of the youngest philanthropist known to man. 

Harr’s goal after seeing children kept as slaves in Nepal decided she wanted to make a change and help free them from the current state they lived. In just a few short months she was able to raise enough money to put a stop to the human trafficking and helped to free over 500 individuals but says she doesn’t want to stop there.

“After 173 days of selling lemonade, I reached my goal of freeing 500 slaves, and waking up the next morning, I wanted to do more.”

“These kids are being robbed of hope, and I’m going to give it back to them. We can give it back to them.”

With all the success Harr has seen from her lemonade service her business is going to another level as well. Set to be released sometime in April her drink will be bottled up and sold at grocery stores and major retailers with all profits generated ending the trafficking once and for all she hopes.


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  1. Now Thats Pcp says:

    I smell bs, all other stands have been shut down for ordinances yet she was able 2 make 300,000 in 173 days which means she sold 1.2 million cups at the presumed price of 25 cent so she sold roughly 6900 cups a day…..who they think they fooling with this propaganda marketing


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