After a year that seemed to promising to the Philadelphia 76ers after the acquisition of Andrew Bynum,the franchise was left with nothing to show for but a continued season ending injury and now the resignation of head coach Doug Collins.

Collins and his team who the year before were a playoff team that was able to knock out the Chicago Bulls saw themselves as a completely different squad after key players such as Andre Iguodala was traded in hopes that big man Andrew Bynum would be the face of the franchise and lead them to a championship of their own. Collins currently has one year left on his original deal with a payout worth $4.5 mill but has decided to step down from the head coach’s position on his own.

His final year was picked up during training camp as an option due to Collins wanting to be involved with team even after coaching duties were over. Collins was a four time All-Star while playing for the Sixers.Instead of going through a long building from the sidelines Collins will be helping to call shots from the Sixers front office as the franchise moves forward in hopes of a bounce back from the 2012-13 season.

Evan Turner spoke on his coach’s decision after their 105-95 win over the Pacers:

“Whatever he wants to do, whatever makes him feel happy, you know what I’m saying,” Turner said when asked if he wanted Collins back late Wednesday night. “You go through that type of year, go through that type of situation, strenuous and all of that. It’s all about what he decides to do. He has a lot of options and whatever’s the best decision for him.

“He could always go back to commentating. Whatever he wants to do that makes him happy.”

via ESPN