6 Reasons To Hit The Gym Today

· January 1, 2013


It’s a new year today and some people already broke there NYE resolution by not working out like they said they were going to today. I have 6 inspirational gym pictures for you..


News around the web..

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  1. MASSACRE210 says:

    4th, 5th pic(chick in blue Nike’s)for me!.

  2. President Ward says:


  3. #1 and the gif. chick in the gif man..want it just like that. and lol,i’m healing from a hangover…the gym can wait lol

  4. BullnBearHP says:

    J.Salazar and .gif…. ooooh wee!!

  5. too_funny says:

    The gjf wins …. Imagine how that thing jiggles and shakes nekkid

  6. too_funny says:

    @hahz….u at least need to give us 15-20 secs of that gif.

    2 secs aint enough unless ur @presto 2.5

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