50 Cent got a spot from Jeff O’Connell for a fitness book ti*led Formula 50 which “reveals his strategic six-week workout plan for achieving a ripped body—and developing the mental toughness to stay in shape for a lifetime.”

Up top is the front of the book which will be available on December 27th on iTunes as well as Hardcover.

50 called in 102.5 KDON to talk about ‘New Day’, book and Street King Immortal. He reveals that Ne-Yo, Eminem, Trey Songz and Chris Brown are featured on the album.

  • joe

    hE’S tryna sell headphones like DRE, Flavored water like gatorade, now workout ‘GURU’ BOOKS?!

    • Sw618

      hahahah Curtis Jackson gettin paid in every way.

  • big bread

    Hustlers ambition for real

  • Camaro434

    Can’t be mad at his hustle. I’d read the book if he admits to the supplements he takes.