In todays THOT Topics.. Photos of 50 Cent hanging out with model/actress Sally Ferreira surfaced on the web rumors began to spark that the “Animal Ambition” rapper and vixen where dating.

Well as quickly as the rumors started they were soon put to rest. 50 Cent took to his Instagram to blast Ferreria for leaking photos to MTO from their “Ok, You’re Right” & “I Like The Way She Do It” video shoot implying the two by item stating that:

Big FAIL, super thirsty, new shoot this week coming. Unbelievable #smsaudio #Animal Ambition,” 50 captioned the photo of Sally along with more warnings: “WARNING Do not attempt to work with this thirsty video b!tch she sent photos of the video shoot to MediaTakeOut saying I’m in a relationship with her. CAN ANYONE SAY RESHOOT

  • Greg4422

    I swear this dude acts sensitive…just like Drake

    • Kingme

      sensitive, would you want a thot getting famous off of your name?

      • Greg4422

        Him acknowledging it..simply gave her more attention…and no ones believes anything on Media Take Out..that’s just entertainment…I still think the dude in “in his feelings” to much of petty sh%t

    • NoWhiteInMyCup


      This nicca act so lame at times, so what if she fantasized, let them thots keep your name hot and don’t respond .

      Soon 50 will find himself alone and miserable with the only option will be to rent escorts

  • Playboy69

    LOL!….wanna be hoes get put on blast….lol!

  • Big ALbert

    She’s finer than TattedUp Holly so 50 still kind of takes an L for this

    • MoorThugRelated

      He takes a L for dissing a bad bish that wanted to give him top, off top? How dat work cause o think he took a W.

    • Big P

      Disagree. Aint no hoe worth your pride, dog

  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    How them bishes be saying “the thirst is real”! Lmaooo get em fif!

  • BzB

    she probably topped him off and thought he wouldn’t care that she leaked pics of the shoot. he probably more mad that she leaked pics of his video. fif don’t love these h0s.

  • Big P

    Gotta respect 50’s style when it comes to these hoes. Keep them in their place.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Respect what style , 50 trick heavily on these ho3s , h3ll my nicca amare was riding shotgun in the Lamborghini he bought Ciara.

      He also nutted and impregnated a video chic Daphne joy that rides around and hangs with Vegas pimps.

      Don’t let this recent act of 50 fool you , 50 probably got mad when he found her texting another guy at his crib

      • Cease

        50 bought ciara what? LMAO!! he never even claimed her in public stop reading those gossip sites bro

        • NoWhiteInMyCup

          Just bexause he didnt do it publicly does not mean he didnt do it, He never claimed Daphne either but we all saw those pics of her with bundles of money laying in the bed solo , who do you think she got it from , she got it from her baby daddy aka 50

      • Big P

        When u got money like 50, tricking is a hobby. Dont get it f*** up, it may be lame to regular dudes, but it aint s*** when u sittin on 8 or 9 digits

      • asas

        lol that lambo was leased 50 didnt buy her ish .

      • F.W

        I know he got a hood rat bm Shaniqua a hoe as a bm Daphne now a hoe as a gf Holly lmaooo.

  • LD

    Well let’s see how one of you act when a trick tries to come up of your name and opportunity you gave her. This was a business relationship, she took business and tried to make personal gain….it was not this chick was an ex gf

  • Yeahisaidit

    I dont understand what yall niggas on here even debating about? 50 Cent smashed this chick and she trying to get famous off him! All yall know dam well you read those internet sites so quit LYING to kick it you aint fooling no one but yourselves, cause yall on ATLNIGHTSPOTS lol he just correcting the s***! I mean to be honest with you THATS some PLAYA **** cause NIGGAS normally lie on they D**** he got HOES lying on they P*** 50 Cent ugly as hell lol but he SUPER RICH and SUPER FAMOUS so trust me he look GOOD to these hoes! You see he didnt WIFE CIARA lol future had to do that so she had to settle for being one of his 10 baby mommas so 50 must not be tricking that hard lol! Drake got a reputation of smashing all the industry chicks but YALL DONT THINK HE TRICKING lol com on man, that stripper chick MALIYAH be charging niggas 100 gs for a dam date lol, and DRAKE was paying her dam mortgage or sum s**** lol so at least 50 got his hoes in check!

    • Greg4422

      yea 50 got his hoes in check that’s why he’s on probation for getting mad and tearing up that girls apartment because she was dating some other nicca….smdh…thats a simp move