50 Cent Backs Off Of Suggesting Diddy & Rick Ross Are Gay Lovers

· March 3, 2014


50 Cent is doing a little back tracking after allegedly suggesting that Diddy, Rick Ross and Steve Stoute are lovers.

On Sunday, Curtis Jackson, the rapper’s legal name, reportedly posted these two images on Instagram of Diddy getting cozy with Stoute and Ross. In one image, you see the Revolt CEO talking with Rick, but it appears as though the two are going in for a kiss. In the other image, Diddy and Stoute can be seen posing together in pink shirts.

“I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao,” 50 captioned the image.


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  1. nolie says:

    Yeah wasnt smart to post that when you tryna make moves in the business world, Headphones Nascar Films etc, all involve a gay person at some point.

  2. oatsuzn says:

    niggas scared of g@ys now

  3. Playboy69 says:

    LMFAO!…The bad guy is back

  4. BzB says:

    where did fif back track? i thought it was well known that diddy was down with that mr cee action.

  5. Cakes(overtime) says:

    Lol it does look like theyre about to kiss Diddy’s licking his lips and everything

  6. President Ward says:

    What’s up with this gay sh*t tho?

  7. Greg4422 says:

    We all know how camera angles can make shit look suspect…I’m not buying it

  8. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    this is that 30% of 50 that i dont fcuk with

    this that ol’ green niggga fcuk niggga sh!t

    even yayo dont fcuk with 50 and he was the realist gunit niggga in my opinion

    • M0311 says:

      Dude Yayo would give his entire right arm to be able to be 50’s do boy again. 50 fed him. Yaya couldn’t write one rap verse.

    • MoorThugRelated says:

      Diddy’s Jew lawyers prob called him and told him to take that sh1t down or else so he did.

      And what happened between Yayo and Fif again. Didn’t know none of this.

  9. Queso (The corp) says:

    That rick Ross one probably is a camera trick or whatever but that one with Steve stout ain’t…how the fuc# u taking a pic like u somebody girl?Puff in that niccas arms like heeeeeeeey

  10. R.E.X.!!! says:

    If u guys understood the RITUALS that go on in the music industry then u would be more enlightened this shhh happens all the time with some of ur FAVORITE ENTERTAINERS


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