Research shows that cysteine, a compound in eggs, can help counteract aldehyde, one of the chemicals that builds up in your body when you drink too much. Source: keko64


Orange Juice

Some research [PDF] indicates that vitamin C accelerates alcohol metabolism, so a glass of orange juice (or some Emergen-C) might make you feel better.


Bacon Sandwich

Bacon apparently contains amino acids that help heal your alcohol-depleted brain.


The same study showed that an anti-inflammatory similar to ibuprofen (the active ingredient in Advil) had a similar hangover-reducing effect. Popping Advil when you have a hangover headache is kind of a no-brainer — but now there’s science to back you up. Be warned, though — habitual heavy drinking and Advil use can be bad for your stomach lining.
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In one study, drinkers who took pyritinol, a form of vitamin B6, during a party were less hungover the next day than those who didn’t take the vitamin. Chickpeas are an excellent source of B6, so snack on hummus while drinking to protect yourself from hangovers in advance. B1 may also have a protective effect, and it’s found abundantly in asparagus.

  • bmoney

    Drink Goose instead of Ciroc!

  • 615CA$HVILLE

    A bottle of Vitamin water or Gatorade before is the trick learned it from a nurse

  • williedynamite

    maaan when you wake up in the morning…go to the store, get you a 22 oz. and down that bytch. youll be straight trust me lol.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Exercise and remain fit..and stay away from bottom shelf liquor. I’ve never had a hang over before no matter how pissy I got.

    • U only drink martini’s

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        And ya b1tch only drink my milk™. How bout that?

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          Lmao!! @Moor

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    clear top shelf liquor (goose, ciroc, patron, don julio) is better for avoiding hangovers. easier for you body to process. that brown make me get belligerent like mike tyson (no surprise sex though).

    oj with goose or ciroc and i’m good.

  • BUCK20

    Take a pain pill before you go to bed! works everytime.

  • some jones root beer or martinelli’s should get me going for the new year’s.

    • LOL….Jones root beer. @sheed atleast grab u a mikes hard lemonade playa

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      @sheed gone be turnt up off that martinelli’s. do you kid

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        @BzB and @Strait this dude only 19-years-old.

        @Lateef WTF?! LOL!

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    Never had a hangover before….?

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      Me either my dude. Never drunk alcohol in my life.