If you ask the average single person about dating in Atlanta you will probably get a strange facial expression response. I think the best way to sum it up is… the game musical chairs. You can see the same person you where just dating sitting with some one else on a date while your still talking to them or briefly afterwards. One of the many things I learned in Atlanta is you can further in the game if you’re in a relationship or married. I know single men that say there in a relationship just so they prevent cling-ons from trying to occupy all there free time.

1. You show signs you want to settle down. Being single to long is frowned upon in many women’s eyes. They think your just another ATL playa taking full advantage of the plethora or women out here.

2. Your chances of being suspect decreases substantially. With ATL being the black gay capital of the world it makes it hard of on the straight brothers being over an**yzed by paranoid women who heard too many horror stories.

3. Women are comfortable knowing your only smashing one women (usually). When you claim single status there is no telling how many women you could be smashing on the regular. For an attractive dude (No ho**) that gets women, have 3-a-day (smashing 3 women) is regular.

4. Women want a man other women want. Being single and perfect in a women’s eyes only makes her want to find a flaw or look too far into why your single.

5. Women want to be in that #1 spot you tell them about. The fact you kept it 100 they trust you more from the start. The moral of this whole story is keeping it 100 about your life gets you further than duct tape masking the truth only to get exposed down the line.


  • queso (The Corp)

    Shi# I always keep it 100…..Ma I’m smashing 5 chicks right now u wanna be #6? Lol

  • queso (The Corp)

    Chicks will cling on to ur azz and be annoying whether ur married or not…once u lay that pipe down all bets out the window!

    • MoorFedayeen

      You act like you speak from experience. Nicca pleaze

      • queso (The Corp)

        Nicca I could write a book

        • MoorFedayeen

          Fuq a book, n1gga I’ll write the law and send it to Obama and have him sign that sh1t. How bout it? Now that’s CHANGE

        • too_funny

          @queso’s “book of sorrows”

          • queso (The Corp)

            LOL @ Toofunny

  • MoorFedayeen

    Always 100 cause when you lie, a lie is what yo must remember or else get caught in it. No thanks.

    Say, ATL seem like a f*ck fronting azz city full of f@gs and gold diggers with no morals. It also remind me of the biblical city, Sodom. Its the devils playground.

    • presto 2.5


  • too_funny

    TRUE indeed, been in ATL since 2001


    true your not lying this is the thought of some women i know

  • Birdman202

    Yeah in the A dating is a sport. But as a man you have to know how to finesse the situation when it comes to women. Most women are trying to get you for that check and will date the various men while talking to to you. I can honestly say no chic has ever worked me,or ran thur my pockets. I tell’em keep it 100 cause i been in the game too long and you can’t pull the wool over my eyes.

  • BzB

    dating atl can be hazardous to your health.

    1 – you see the same chicks out all the time and most of them been ran through by a bunch of dudes including the suspect low down cats.

    2 – they down for whatever and don’t ask about condoms or safe sex.

    3- lots of strippers and former strippers that fit in the above categories.

    basically you’re better off boo’d up with a dime and staying out of the dating scene.

  • crabapples

    this is bullsh1t because if you talk to women honestly, you will find that 99% of them make up their mind whether they want to fuk you before you even open your mouth.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Way to go Captain Well Already Knew but wth that got to do with the post?

  • @crabapples, you are correct. I agree, but isn’t it funny how men talk like women are all whores but have it in their mind that their woman is different. LOL! I’m just saying. I understand the honest approach but if you’re married, try being honest to your family first instead of some broad at the club. This was some bad advice from a married prospective.

    • too_funny

      everybodys a freak for the right person!!!!!

    • Guwop

      This ain’t a married man how to be faithful guide. Hahz is basically saying keep it 100 with your situation and you will be better off.

  • I could have sworn that the message was, your chances were better off if they think you’re not single. Didn’t say keep it 100. They’re pretty much saying lie if you have to. That’s not keeping it 100.

  • presto 2.5

    Number 4

    nothing more…nothing less…

  • fckyodreamsthisisreality

    Happily married woman chiming in here…yeah this shit is real my hubs is consistently approached by females who want to “Eat him up” and these are not just females in the club scene…They are everywhere on Marta, in the grocery, even on his job.

    He tells these chicks that he is married and they still pursue. But even if he doesn’t tell them they just don’t give a damn. Did I mention that THEY approach him? Yeah, telling him their whole life story in one moment hoping for a chance that he will be the prince charming they’ve been searching for their whole life. I truly find this shit entertaining and reveal in the fact that my man is a hot commodity.

    The ratchetness is on so many different levels with these broads, but a lot have the same traits…They all have baby-daddy’s with at least one boyfriend living with them full-time or part-time. They all have a multiple dudes funding their trifling existence or they have degrees and settle for funding some knee-grow, using him as a babysitter of sorts for a kid that’s not even his. Yet they all offering the same shyt and that’s pu$$y in exchange for the world. Now the way I was raised pu$$y never kept real man, so when you pass it around and use it as leverage to get one your only playing yourself.

    As a female, from jump I always kept it 100 with myself first and foremost. Understanding that my relationship with my dude is bigger than how I freak him in the bedroom. It’s about being practical, real, down-to-earth, intelligent, happy, beautiful, sexy, respectful, a good listener – yeah all that corny sh1t that junky knee-grows can’t relate to. And that’s why I’m winning in this game.

    Fella’s out here aren’t “playing” or “cheating” in the game at all – you dudes are ONLY doing what these females allow you to do. If you f#ck it’s because they allowed it. If you treated them like shyt it’s because they allowed for it to happen. Your just taking what’s being offered unfortunately it’s just not much in the way of a partner that can help you build some stability in your lives.

    But Play on Playas – Peace.