5 Reasons To Head To Onyx Friday Night

· March 8, 2013


In case your out of the loop tonight is Rehab Friday’s at Onyx strip club and we have 5 reasons why you need to be there.

Everyone can tell you they have the baddest dancers but they can’t show you. Hands down Friday night at Onyx you will see 8+’s walking around and doing tricks on the pole.



Some cats be in the strip club like.. “She said Hi”

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Discussion8 Comments

  1. does onyx have hot wings? lol

  2. President Ward says:

    Does onyx have pizza?

  3. lazarus says:

    Obviously I need to go see my “cousin” in Atlanta……real soon.
    That thickness in the 2nd pic would hav me actin like the gif, one of ya’ll would hav to step in. LOL But, definately would end the night, wit ol girl in the 4th pic in the white. that’s niiiice.

  4. 206dee says:

    Wish Seattle had strip joints like this

  5. WildWild says:

    I’m going just for pic #1… need more of her Hahz

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