If you find any fault with public school teachers, you will definitely hear about how very hard they work, and how they care so much about making the world a better place. The Daily Caller now has evidence that the many spirited defenders of the old profession of teaching are right in many exciting, stimulating ways.

SeekingArrangement.com, which bills itself as “the #1 online dating website for sugar babies and generous men,” is now boasting that some 40,000 public school teachers of a certain moral caliber have joined the website in an attempt to sell se*ual services seek wealthy, older men for “mutually beneficial relationships.”


In a press release, SeekingArrangement’s CEO suggests that teachers on the website are responding conventionally to diminished budgets, overcrowded classrooms and, of course, the perpetual need for school supplies.


“You can’t expect a teacher to accept less pay for more work than their peers, and then reach into their pockets to fund your child’s classroom,” declared Brandon Wade, the website’s founder and CEO. “But that’s what’s happening. If those are the expectations and pressures we are putting on our teachers in America, than they can’t possibly be judged for whatever extracurricular activities they choose to pursue to stay afloat.”


According to SeekingArrangement, the top five school districts in the country for sugar-baby teachers are (in order): the School District of Philadelphia, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, the Clark County School District (in the Las Vegas area) and the New York City public schools.


Data is self-reported by the women who use the site when they initially sign up.


“Based on the occupation field ‘teacher,’ we polled members to see which school districts they worked in,” explained Jennifer Gwynn, SeekingArrangement’s public relations manager, in an email to The Daily Caller.


Further digging into the treasure trove that is SeekingArrangement’s sugar-baby data set reveals that the average public school teacher who uses the site is between the ages of 28 and 33. She (or, certainly, he) seeks about $3,000 in pampering and financial assistance each month from the benefactor on the other side of the bargain.


SeekingArrangement appears to be the Google of sugar-daddy dating websites, claiming over two million registered members.

It’s the same website where New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s se*ting buddy trolled for older men online. The woman, Sydney Leathers, was active on the site for eight months, from August 2012 to April 2013 and “was very popular on the site and found success as a Sugar Baby.”

  • Cakes(crooked smile)

    Lol cant be mad at them get that money *snap* …on another note why cant anything be personal anymore,soon ppl are going to be walking around with magnetic tape on like in that movie

    • MoorThugRelated

      You looking for a sugar daddy? @B Straight is old and from the Chi, known to be the trick capital of America. Let’s make it happen.

      • Cakes(crooked smile)

        Lmao Nope i can manage on my own and that trip would be a waste of time Bstrait is down to a couple dollars he’s been tricking for so long..

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          Damn. Lol. B Straight about dried up.

  • desolation

    a man tryna find love on the internet is lame as fuck. a woman tryna find a man to give her a princess lifestyle via the internet is lamer. I just cant believe anyone is that lacking in game or that pathetic.

  • Joel

    Most Americans don’t realize that noncommercial prostitution is legal in the United States. This is the reason why police cannot legally arrest sugar babies and sugar daddies. The Judges through the years wrote case laws that legalized mistress-lovers relationship. In the case Cherry v Koch. 129 Misc. 2d 346, 491 N.Y.S.2d 934 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 1985), the NY court declares mistress-lovers relationship as noncommercial. The woman who traded tickets for sex had her conviction overturns because her activities were noncommercial (Commonwealth v. Finkelstein). Also the Pennsylvania Superior Court (appeals court) said that a Pennsylvania statute only criminalizes commercial business prostitution. (Commonwealth v Stephanie Ann Danko) It doesn’t criminalize noncommercial prostitution. Also the court case USA vs Lynnette HARRIS and Leigh Ann Conley state that as long as the relationship is not specific sex session, the cash and properties from a lover is gifts not prostitution income. The Illinois Appeals Court stated in People v. Johnson, 60 Ill.App.3d 183 (1978) 376 N.E.2d 381, 17 Ill.Dec. 382 that only money for sex is illegal and gift for sex is legal. These court rulings don’t apply to escorts because they are classified as commercial companions. (See IDK, INC., v. COUNTY OF CLARK) Case laws in US speaks a unified message. As long as the relationship is not specific sex session, the person is not a professional prostitute, relationship has companionship as a collateral, no public offering for sex for sale, and no business front is used (massage, gym, modeling studio, escort services, stripping, etc.) the relationship is not commercial prostitution.