40 Glocc sued Game last October for an assault incident that took place in July, and now, the details have been revealed regarding the financial terms of the suit.

According to TMZ, Glocc sued the Compton, California rapper for a staggering $4.54 million. He is suing Game for: $500,000 in pain and suffering; $500,000 in emotional distress; $750,000 in lost earnings; $2 million for punitive damages; $25,000 in medical expenses; and various other reasons.

The initial incident took place last July, when Game beat Glocc outside of a mansion in Hollywood, California. Glocc claims Game and his 15-men entourage jumped him and filmed the beating, which left him with major injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder and back. He also sustained wounds on his face, head, legs, arms and hands.

Glocc sued for assault and battery, as well as damaging his reputation. Since then, Glocc has gone on a smear campaign against Chuck Taylor, releasing his diss “The Full Edit” in December. Game has similarly addressed the situation in several interviews, claiming that filing a lawsuit of this nature “disintegrates your street cred.” At the top of the year, Glocc also claimed that he knocked out Game’s manager.

  • MoorFedayeen

    40 really lost credit that day and we see there was no get back. What type of gangsta that put in work don’t keep a hammer on him at all times? Sad thing is that he’s gonna get that money or however much Game has to give him because the vid clearly shoes Game assaulting him.

  • Realtalkin

    40 Glocc shouldnt be making no statements about “knocking” anybody out after a b1tch move like this. Some niccuhs will do anything to sponge off a niccuh who eating. Get it in no matter what but this is a way I can’t agree with.