Police in Riohacha, Colombia seized a 1,825 kg shipment of cocaine on Sunday (September 16). The estimated street value of the drugs is $3 million. The shipment reportedly belonged to the “Los Urabenos” drug trafficking gang

In the past three days Colombian police have seized more than 5 tons of cocaine and 7 tons of weed in busts across the country. Colombia is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cocaine.All drugs seized will be destroyed following a 5-step procedure.


1. The drugs seized are brought to the Prosecutor URI, where he performs a PIPH test, also called pre-test, which is done in small amounts.
2. The substance are in special cellars where the prosecution brings these substances, waiting out the test results.
3. 3 grams are stored separately from the seized substance to be taken to the forensic facility or laboratory of the Office, to conduct a second test of certainty.
4. Once laboratory results are obtained, the prosecutor handling the case order their destruction.
5. The day of destruction, the prosecutor must be present and a representative of the prosecution to ensure that the substance was destroyed.

Sources: MSNBCLatinAmericaCurentEvents and Buzzfeed

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