2016 Lambo Ankonian

· April 12, 2011

2016 Lambo Madura

This 2016 Lambo Ankonian is on some super futuristic Bat-mobile sheeeit. Designer: Slavche Tanevski Are you feeling this whip?

2016 Lambo Madura
2016 Lambo Madura
2016 Lambo Madura

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  • Legacy

    Damn looks like the next bat mobile lol

    • http://atlnightspots.com B strait up

      yeah it does! People have loved the design of the batmobile for a long time now. Does anybody know what kinda car jigga was driving in his “lost ones” video? Well wuteva he was driving & this car here are the closest thing 2 resemble the batmobile,strait up!

      • POPEYE

        it was a 2008 maybach roadster, google it.

  • Pretty Manny

    Mos Def feelin this car,but the rims kinda look toyish and low grade if you fix that up this is the hottest thing out. I don’t usually take a second look when folks are out stuntin in their whips but I’d have 2 for this right here

  • Juwellz

    This will probably be in the next batman movie

  • ballin73

    I’m pushin everybody out the fastlane in this one! lol

  • http://debatesthatmatter.blogspot.com/ Tim

    @Juwellz, I was just thinking that. With the speeds these cars get I bet some have titanium used in chassis and rims.

  • no hate

    Gas’ll be $25 a gallon by then…

  • ed

    FYI..those “shells” are not part of the final design..just hiding parts of the car from competitors in design stage..

  • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

    Damn, ed, I like it as is!

  • Tank

    Ugly ass H*ll

  • t-tyme


  • Ray.

    @ Ed
    Nah man, they don’t do photoshoots of cars with shells on.