The pioneer for the automobile industry is back in the spotlight. A Ford insider has revealed that the automotive giant is apparently set to unveil the 2015 For Bronco SUV to the world.

The sports-utility vehicle first debuted in 1966. It finally got a successor in 2004 but the plans got scraped halfway through. Now, Ford may look to revive this historical model with the 2015 series.

When the Bronco arrives, it is speculated to come in three different versions. First is the 5.0 litres gas engine. Second is equipped with a 4.5 diesel engine while the third is a 3.5 litres Ecoboost engine. The trio will arrive with twin clutch manual gears and there is a chance for it to be automatic transmission.

As for its looks, car enthusiast can expect the upcoming Ford Bronco to have that similar look with the one back in 2004. It will feature that crossbreed between the Ranger and Explorer SUVs.

Other rumours suggest that another variant of the Bronco will also be revealed. It will either be a 2-wheeler or a 4WD. Whether this is true or not, we will see for ourselves soon enough.

Where the price is concerned, the Ford insider tipped that consumers can expect the Bronco 2015 to cost them $26,000 for the entry level. This is all yet to be confirmed of course. Ford will officially announce them in the dawn of 2015.

Are you feeling the new Bronco look?

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  • D.S.G777

    They want some of that jeep money.

  • MoorThugRelated

    Swear they showed this concept back in “06”. I always wondered what happened.

  • truthteller

    Kinda cool….OJ swag lolz

  • Jake

    retro design always work, it’s hot!

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  • Pose

    Cool Rugged… manual gears? can’t beat that.

  • Hot!!

  • Daniel

    Very cool . I would love to have one of these . I been waiting for ford to bring back my bronco . I just wished now that they are that I could afford one .lol . In my opinion the broncos where the best vehicles on the planet .

  • When do we sign up for placing orders? HOT!

  • Bobbi

    WAAAAY HOT! Gotta have it!