It’s the Fourth Of July and these ANS Eye Candy Heavy Hitters come out to play for their ANS Wolfpack respective teams to create fireworks.

1.) Winny Munoz

Winny Munoz have been on a hot streak as late, Winny Munoz has appear in numerous of music videos including Fabolous ” Cuffin Season” Music Video and she drop a Show Magazine Video that won majority of ANS Wolfpack recently.

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2.) Briana Bette

The current ANS Eye Candy Champion Briana Bette is now the new standard for Eye Candy Benchmark on ANS. She fulfill the lust of appetite for the Chocolate Lovers on ANS. However she has not drop no full length video too give ANS Wolfpack a Chocolate Rush for her yet but her IG clips are epic.

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3.)Lira Mercer aka Lira Galore

Lira Mercer & Lira Galore is the same person, However whatever last name ANS Wolfpack may like too call Lira she has been dominating ANS this year so far. She has appear in numerous of music videos including Ludacris “Party Girls” Music Video.

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4.) Cocaine Lorraine

Cocaine Lorraine is the most addictive Eye Candy On ANS this year. The lust for Cocaine Lorraine has been growing rapidly since her epic WSHH Candy video. Cocaine Lorraine momentum has made ANS Wolfpack fiend and she is enjoying every second of it.

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5.) Mercedes Morr

Mercedes Morr popularity has sky rocket within the last few months on ANS. She defeated ANS Eye Candy Veteran Favorites such as Maliah Michel & Tahiry in the same poll. She have gain more familiarity with ANS Wolfpack this year.

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6.) Irene The Dream

Irene The Dream has become a staple on ANS this year. She has become a favorite the ANS Wolfpack favorite “Kuntry Girl” for a reason.

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7.) Lena Chase

Lena Chase put in alot work of this year and ANS Wolfpack has reward her within last few months. Lena Chase “Big Body Frame” has hypnotize many new followers. She have shown alot of love to Atlnightspots and her success is finally paying off in a big way on ANS.

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8.)Maliah Michel

Maliah Michel is a household name on Atlnightspots she is the only model in the ANS Eye Candy Powering Ranking to be known by just one name. She may be the “John Cena” of Urban Modeling every time Maliah Michel appears on ANS she brings out ANS Wolfpack emotions the most.

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9.)Miracle Watts

Miracle Watts definitely lights a match within ANS Wolfpack every time she is post. She is has been the most loved & the most hated Eye Candy Model this year so far on ANS. She has rival favorite ANS Eye Candy Models this year such as Lira Galore each post thread and she comes to the “Hottest Atlanta Night Spots” the most to see her personally.

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10.)Ciera Rogers

Ciera Rogers definitely defines what Sol Novus is all about on ANS she brought life to the Freakum Dress game on ANS which makes ANS Wolfpack go crazy for her on a consistent basis.

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  • MGC InfaRED

    Look at me Queen Winny

    I’m sorry my ANS fam but Briana Bette has been lazy lately ain’t seen a post of her since early this year……..She should forfeit her crown

    Ciera will be top 5 in voting at the end of the year

    • Miller

      Why would she do such a thing? she’s the one of the hardest out total package body plus face to Match.

      • MGC InfaRED

        Because I said so

        • Miller

          Stop it

      • President Ward

        Briana Bette looks overrated now. @Miller

        • Miller

          All these chicks are overrated she still bad

        • Miller

          Prez u think ugly ass rosee is bad lol. How can Brianna be overrated? Its your opinion I know just curious.

          • Playboy69


        • NoWhiteInMyCup

          @ward come onnnn bra stop it bra ,

          Briana #1 got my vote

          Watts coming in close at #2

          1. Bette

          Irene nice but her face too greasy

  • JohnSmith

    1. Briana Bette
    2. Lira Galore
    3. Ciera Rogers
    They all going doe!

    S/O to Irene The Dream for the video, they tried zooming out but still got a head shot

  • President Ward

    Lena Chase blows my mind.


    • lazarus


    • SCOG

      4Real…. Damn she is Tough. Bad as Hell…

  • Big ALbert

    Winny, Briana, Miracle, Ciera & Lorraine looking damn good.

  • lazarus

    i’ll give my starters later, but Ciera is poking out tho. smh I have no interest in Irene. I just don’t get it, but that’s jus me I guess. Lena is def grownman bidness.

  • Miller

    I’m going with Lena and Brianna

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Man I’m a Irene Stan all day….Miracle too

    But Lira stole the show here hands down!

    Y’all coulda gave Mercedes some better pics she’s fine too but those pics were lack luster

  • Billy The Kid

    Thick and elegant. Ciera looking nice.

    Idk what it is but irene just doesn’t do it for me, would rather like to see nakeisha, jazzie belle or cat

  • downbydariver

    Ciera Rogers….fuccn with her…

  • DaCeo

    Briana can’t be fukked wit, Winny is looking good. Top 2!

  • miguel_t

    Ciera Rogers chick really got Mars on her lower back

  • Blak Godd

    Wow, why none of our baby moms look like half of em’

  • 828jeffe

    Ciera.. hands down. All of them are top notch

  • MoorThugRelated

    Look at the champ flexin in her one piece.

  • Mister Mister

    LOL@ Briana still not giving ANS a video….she’s straight, but I’d go with Lira, Miracle, Cocaine, Winny & Maliah over Briana

  • Paul

    ROSEE DIVINE should be up there

  • jughead1