2013 BET Hip Hop Awards: Green Carpet Pictures

· September 29, 2013

Earlier today the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards took places at the Atlantic Civic Center. Multi-platinum rapper Snoop Dogg serves as this year’s host. Before taking their seats, a lot of folks walked the green carpet for photo opts and press. Who was best and worst dressed? Who will be among the winners? The main event will air Tuesday October 15 at 8pm on BET. For now, see some pics from the green carpet below.

Photo credit:YBF



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Discussion9 Comments

  1. Just_Saying says:

    Whoa Rick Ross lost a lot of weight

  2. G says:

    Now that Rick is slimming it is time to slim that beard down. MC Lyte looks good.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup says:

      Heard he had lipo on da low, but salute homie for sliming and losing weight

      STEVIE J and Scrappy both couples look like fools, this nicca kissing and shiiit on the carpet

  3. Jaydon says:

    Eve looks pretty.

    Snoop needs to start dying his hair.

  4. Chyna_doll says:

    They all look a mess. The end.

  5. CASHSU says:


  6. MASSACRE210 says:

    Damn im sick of all this gold!…where the platinum?

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