2012 ANS Model Of The Year Award (Poll)

· January 7, 2013

Its that time of the year again to reflect on all the models that graced the Atlnightspots stage this year in front of the tough Wolfpack crowd which included Team Chocolate/BP/Team Fairy tales & the undecided lurker crowd. We gained some veterans this year like Lastarya and lost Sabrina Hunter, Mizz DR and *P word*.

Veteran model Bria Myles  was back and forth dealing with internal issues, she lost %50 of her fan base due to personal preference in men.

Maliah Michel continued to dominate the game and do what she does best.. get dressed and head out for the night. Also Maliah had internet servers crashing with her seductive pole dancing videos making you feel like you had court side seats in Houston’s Dream strip club.

Cubana Lust had a strong year, her stock soared through out the year.

Mizz DR left NYC for San Antonia Texas to be with her man. Tahiry was in the gym more then any where and it paid off now that she is on the Love & Hip Hop show.

Lastarya  ended her Ray Edwards relationship and took her spot back in the game.

Rosa Acosta converted into a urban fitness model over night with a 12 pack of abs and 0% body fat making models step their ab game up.

Deelishis  dominated the competi*ion with her headed to the club flicks.

Keani Cochelle had spurts here and there but overall didn’t have a enough gas to keep up with the big dawgs. Blac Chnya got knocked up and sat the bench half of the season.

Yaris Sanchez lost steam but still had a impressive year. Khrysti Hill had a productive year she put the mic down and got back in the game going harder then ever. Kyra Chaos started off strong and ended just as strong.

Sabrina Hunter got married. Karamel remained in the shadows popping out everyone once a while like a ninja slaying the competi*ion. Sheneka Adams gave up modeling to focus on her acting career, hopefully she comes back around.

Bernice Burgos continued to come off the bench shooting like Ray Allen.

Sultry Simone stock dropped and so did her production of content towards the end of 2012. Portia Jenkins goes back in forth with wanting to be a model and being out there, due to a conflict we had to deactivated her account on ANS.

Stephanie Santiago is the thick engine that could dominate the game if she wanted to but it seems like there is something missing from her doing so.

Any one left out?

2012 ANS Model Of The Year Award (Poll)

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Discussion144 Comments

  1. lazarus says:

    Laz pulls @Hahz aside, Fam, You left off the bow-legged goddess, that may have repurcussions.

    Top 5

    Maliah Michel

    Get at me Wolpack, Ohio N da buildin

  2. lmao hahz…HAHZ..my man H. this is too solid of a list..minus jenna shea though lol. I don’t see Kyra Chaos either surprisingly…i wanna vote for my fine piece but man…this is her breakthrough year and it can go anyway now. well,i’ll get the ROY poll going if you need help with it.

  3. Playboy69 says:


    • Playboy69 says:

      Thank you Sultry Simone for being down for TEAM FAIRY TALES!….LOL!

    • presto 2.5 says:

      “Team of the Year?”


      “That was Hilarious fam!!”

      MGC/Bp…”The Internet SupremeTeam”..

      Ya FairyBoyz Team Breathes cause why??….cause MGC allows breath homie…you stand good with us @Play…thats why the Team fellback and let you have the Fakies Line…but slow down fam…lol

      **Re-reads @Plays comment**…”Bwhaaaahaaahaa!”…good one!

      • Playboy69 says:

        @Presto.. STFU! You are not a comedian…REAL TALK!… U ARE A BP STAN Hoe Boy!… And by the way. I created WALE create TEAM FAIRY TALES from his song here is it is[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGiV8OIEov0&w=560&h=315

      • Playboy69 says:

        @presto… THE LAMEST OF 2012 = PRESTO aka THE CORP HOE-BOY!….LMAO!

        • presto 2.5 says:

          lol…”You mad at me?”

          and we not gonna talk about lame my dude…you kool wit me @Play…i dont wanna take it there wit you…so i’ll stop there…lmao!!!

          See what happened to @Moor last year?…yeah…and atleast he made sense sometimes…i would have a fielday wit yo comments…but this aint the time for war…lets enjoy the award show….lol

          • Playboy69 says:

            @presto… Presto = TIM TEBOW of ANS!…LMAO!
            “Presto Voice” when I am going to play again B- Strait….LMAO! Presto = HOE BOY!

          • presto 2.5 says:


          • Tony Money says:

            Nicca u a grown ass man quit typing in quotations smh

          • presto 2.5 says:

            suck my quotations you faggot azz nicca…

            only bytch azz nicca keeps commenting on “Quotations”…and this is ya 2nd time

            that makes you a double bytch!…lol

            and im not mad…i jus sound that way…LMAO!

            —->”MGC”<—– in quotations…lol

          • DonkRida says:

            Lmao! Y’all got me over here buggin!

    • Big P says:

      Dog. Mz DR is a starter for team fairy tails too. Bitch was on some dominican peoples court show trying to sue some doctor down there for fucking up her butt job. Word. Do your history. Lol

  4. MASSACRE210 says:

    @Hahz – what happen to Rosee Divine? i would pick Mizz DR just because she moved to my city (San Antonio) but some hard choice to make…..but imma have to go with Cubana Lust!.

  5. romedamaro says:

    Melyssa Milan aka msalottabootie

  6. jamar says:

    my vote goes to Rosa and any bad chocolate woman out there.

  7. SCOOTYBLACK says:

    Would’ve voted for Tahiry but after seeing how much of a hoodrat she acted on Love and Hip Hop, I lost a LIL respect for her.

    Kyra should win.

    • Big ALbert says:

      I voted for Cubana though just because every other week I see some new content of her and she’s got a ton of older stuff. I didn’t vote for Lastarya or Bria because they’re bad as hell but aren’t as active as they used to be.

      1. Cubana
      2. Keani Cochelle
      3. Khrysti Hill
      4. Bernice Burgos
      5. Kyra Chaos

      Irene The Dream and Miracle Watts don’t have the momentum yet to get model of the year but they’re both gorgeous and sure to be on top 2013.

    • @scootyblack, tahiry was looking extra thick on the show tho,she’s the reason I’m definitely gon watch this season of that nonsense LOL. Her & possible chance to see Kaylin Garcia!!

    • presto 2.5 says:

      no one with fake anything should win….

      “HgH” is banned in tha ANS Finals

      get all Lance Armstrong azz broads outta here!…lol

      • Playboy69 says:


        • presto 2.5 says:


          why i gotta be a Hoe-Boy fam?…lmfao!

          #ThaTruthHurts…but somebody gotta spit dat shyt

          **@Play and his Hoe’s standing in tha cold…waiting to get in the ANS Finals HeadQuaters**

          **MGC Doorman**…”We told you Mr.Boy….ONLY REAL DONKS are allowed in the Finals…dont make us call @Cadi to come tase yo azz”

          Hate to “De-flate” your chances <—– "see where i went there?"…lmao!

          • Playboy69 says:

            @presto…. I’m CAPTAIN OF MY OWN TEAM!… Nigga U THIRD string -QB like Tim Tebow!….. LMAO! PRESTO = TIM TEBOW of ANS!….LMFAO! U A HOE-BOY!

          • presto 2.5 says:

            your the captain…point guard…fowards…center…and shooting guard?…..#GetIt?

            **Marv Albert Voice**…”@Play passes the ball to @Play…@Play passes it down low to @Play…@Play goes up for the shot……

            MGC’s @Trap beats that shyt to half court”

            lmao!…FOH @Play…”I dont wanna do this to you my friend”

          • Playboy69 says:

            Sultry Simone = POINT GUARD
            Wankaego = Shooting GUARD
            Blac Chyna = SMALL FORWARD
            Yaris Sanchez = POWER FORWARD
            Stephanie Santiago = CENTER

            Team Fairytales ALL DAY

  8. too_funny says:

    1 Brazil
    2 Beauty the Beast
    3 L-star
    4 Bria
    5 Candy-land aka Junk

    • U & this candyland chick @toofunny smh. Cmon son!!!

    • @toofunny aka tevin Campbell, since ur the so called ceo of teamchocolate,where the hell is Brazil,jernie,Tia simone & temeca freeman?? Send them over to the corp ASAP so they can get their shine on! *TC motto*..”teamchocolate…..where hot chicks come to die” lol.

      Mega corp= plenty of exposure & love
      Teamchocolate= the graveyard

      • queso (The Corp) says:

        Ewwww wee them choco cats don’t know what to do wit TIA….yea send her first!

      • presto 2.5 says:

        “The GraveYard”…LMAO!…Yep thats them fam

        and did @2bummy mention broads we aint seen since ’11 doggy?…LMAO!…look at that list…Bwhahahahaaaaa!!!

        @Hahz kill’n me this morning!!!

        MGC…”Tha Dynasty”…everybody wants to be winners…but only a few are built for winning.

        • too_funny says:

          these 3 bamas lol

          TeamChoco “Built Ford Tough, Built to Last” hahah

          my picks transcends all time periods….nobody in 2012 was impressive to make me change any of my top spots.

          @Bstrait…stop hating on my Candy-land, you know she Badd lol

    • trap101 (The Corp North) says:

      @Too_Lame’s list looks more like a Missing in Action/ POW list than model of the year material.

      • crabapples says:

        and in other news, and Too_funny continues to use outdated information to make his decisions:

        “Too_funny uses asbestos in his bedroom remodel”

        “Too_funny buys 1000 shares of AOL”

        “Too_funny shares needles with crackheads”

        “Too_funny picks Brazil as 2013 model of the year”

  9. HustleHardHines says:


  10. PHAROAH SAPP says:

    Miracle Watts…

  11. Mike Lowrey says:

    No Miracle Watts? And Beauty P made the list? Something definitely wrong here!! Bernice is leading the polls right now. She’s bad as hell but she dont deserve the the 2012 ANS Model of the Year Award!!! The most prestigious title on the inter net! @Hahz if got paid off I respect the game but if you got taken then the pack need to ride cuz this some bull$hit……p.s. Irene the dream for ANS Model of the Year.

  12. Lmao!!! It’s not even possible to vote for maliah this time smh,I guess @hahz didn’t want her to repeat as champion for the corp this year *shrugs*. We all know that the “P word” would dead any chick if compared from head to toe.. point blank period!!! Maliah deserves the title again no question!

    Irene the dream moved up the list big time.
    Deelishis & Cubana brought their assez out to play big time last year.
    Several chicks had good years tho,lastarya,ayisha diaz,kyra,cat Washington, khrysti,mz DR,bernice, & tahiry. A lot of hot chicks,lots of names & faces. Hopefully these chicks keep them camera phones working overtime this year LOL.

    Keep up the great work @hahz…….and lil @hahz(@rasheed lateef) LOL. #corp life

  13. RunTellDat says:

    Hahz, how in the HELL Rosee not on your list? She dominated 2012 like no other!

  14. queso (The Corp) says:

    How draya on the list and no kyra? IJS ……anyway looking like the Corporation having another strong yr

  15. WHATDAHELL says:

    Mz DR – nudes came out
    Khrysti Hill – “showed alot” this year
    Tahiry – authentic backshot pic killa
    Bria – still TC’s MVP over Kyra
    Portia – they named BP Corp after her for a reason

    just say no to fake bodypart models…lets go 2013

  16. Playboy69 says:

    @hahz….where is kyra Chaos & Briana bette? I know TC cats must be boycotting ANS

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Naw man we like OKC. N1ggas know the refs was playing dirty. Two of the hardest hitter benched, and for what reason?

  17. still118 says:

    Khrysti Hill got it for 2012…would love to c mo from my faves Tahiry & Karamel

  18. ginoBrown says:

    Someone is smoking crack when they was making this poll cause how did Ayisha Diaz not even make the nominee list but broads like Jenna Shea made it? Some of those chicks on that list come out with like one pic per year…Ayisha on the other hand be killing published an homegrown pics(which she takes alot of).

  19. EEKMAN says:

    lol@the 7 suckas that vote Portia Jenkins

    the dream is over fellas, it’s time to move on.

  20. DonkRida says:

    @Bstrait sit your prejudice azz down somewhere white boy lol. We know you don’t like chocolate females. GOOD! More for TC Generals. Punk azz lol

  21. Murder says:

    Tahiry gotta be 1 b***h is on a real tv show bad and natural

  22. tonefitzlock says:

    Tahiry got me with what was seen plus its natural. Miracle Watts is definitely Rookie of The Year. Cubana lost her place but she had a solid year…

  23. Southwestern says:

    Bria off the bench

  24. presto 2.5 says:

    Presto’s Year End Review

    AtlantaNightSpots was again the site of all sites in 2012…Kyra Chaos blew up wit her “assets” deserving ANS recognition…but lost kool points for the implants…that took her outta contention for the #1…QueenP retired from the ANS limelight…tired of @Hahz and the Krew hating like they’ve never hated before…she made men look like women wit all the gossip and emotional turmol…Maliah Michel did what she does…and made every pic an experience of a lifetime…destroying every outfit she could squeeze that hump in and became the frontrunner of the MGC…Bria Myles was admitted in the ANS Hospital for Jungle fever…and anorexia…cause whyteboy kept calling her Fat and turkey butt…Lastarya destroyed Ray Edwards career…cause the nicca was eating gumbo like it was no 2marow…and that phat azz had a nicca unfocused on sacks…but more on the phatty in section 1A…seat 2f…Ayisha Diaz murdered MegaPixels with her beauty…MizzDr went “birthday suit” fa niccas…and had thirst at an all time high…Delish went Tupperware…and got 200’cc’s of biodegradable…Angelic Ramos was impregnated by presto and taken off the market…and get’n broads prego turned kool in ’12…Amber busted it open…and some niccas was still mad?…and Irene the Dream made a late charge for the belt…but as all TC’s…she fell short

    and speaking of TC’s….@2bummy couldnt keep his internet on…cause his 14 kids and overweight wife kept him broke as a joke…@Moor got exposed all year…and took cryn and bytch’n to a new level…@Fbi took comfort under @Moor’s balls and only stuck his head out to get fresh air…@850 smoked crack all year like the shyt was goin outta business…@Donk left the Tc’s cause being called FunkRyda was pissing him off…and @Hahz’s yella azz tired his best to dethrone the Kings at MegaCorp…to no avail

    to be continued…with the lames and lurkers review

  25. Hahz says:

    One of the reasons Maliah gets so many votes is cause she tweets the link to the poll to her 90k Twitter followers.

  26. cadillacgrease of CorpTx says:

    s/o to Teamchocolate for valet parking our whips outside..one day u hoez will contribute to ans at a high rate like we do in thaCorp…and a special thanx to the bathroom attendant @too-funny for polishing my gators..here’s a 2$ tip B yaach! *walks Elle Varner back into the ceremony*

  27. 206dee says:

    Karamel is missing 2 she’s a nice piece of work

  28. ^TBM^ says:

    I am going to have to think about this one. Because I have seen a lot of pics of these beautiful ladies. I know off top Sophia, Keani, Miracle, Irene, and Stephanie killed it this year! I think I might have to roll with Keani though…

    • Hahz says:

      Keani 40 mins in the game all season, how did she win model of the year based off that?

      • ^TBM^ says:

        Also Hahz go look at the beach vid she did a few months back she might have not released a lot of material. But she is most definitely one of the best models in the game

        • Hahz says:

          Being the best means consistently point on points, just having a couple good runs doesn’t mean your competing with models who are doing it big every week. I think a lot of men get tired of seeing the best of the best on the regular and wish that one hitter quitter was more consistent.

          • presto 2.5 says:

            you right…^^

            **Slides @Hahz “Envolope” for the “Kyra Job”**…”Well done my friend…and its plenty more where that came from”…LMAO!!

            stop cryn TC’s…”We cant help it yall broke?”…LMAO!

            **Calico Voice**…”LandSlide!”

          • ^TBM^ says:

            Ok cool but some of the other models you had as choices didn’t have a lot of material either last year but it was still hot though. It doesn’t surprise me though Maliah is running away with it. She is always post worthy!

  29. ^TBM^ says:

    Hahz what about Bubbles?

  30. ^TBM^ says:

    It’s not about quantity it is about quality bro

  31. ^TBM^ says:

    Kyra deserves to be on this list she had a great year too!


  33. presto 2.5 says:

    and its only right prest take the 100 spot for me and Team…


  34. BzB says:

    being best of the best is no small feat. for someone like maliah who brings her A game in every damn picture, all the damn time, and never having an off moment is an amazing feat.

    she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you got to commend her for how hard she went this year. staying on that grind and hustle despite the days i’m sure she didn’t feel like it.

    lots of other chicks looked great (to be honest almost any of the top 10 could win when looking their best) but didn’t have the consistency or work ethic to go home with that m.o.t.y. award…

    also big shout out to @hahz for persevering through his own trials and tribulations this year to keep up a one of the premium social media sites on the internet. cheers to you bro.

  35. Mkmk says:

    Where the fxck is kyra chaos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Y’all stupid for not having her on the list , damn

    Kyra chaos all the way, that bad b1tch !!

  36. dreson says:

    Forget the Tc Bp beef (I love all shades) where is Kyra?? This is madness yo..

  37. Paul says:

    Rosee Devine

  38. jughead1 says:


    • BigRob says:

      Hell yea deelishis won this year. Either her or maliah . Kyra wasn’t fucking with them. Maliah always kills shit with no effort. Deelishis was a banger this year. All Year!!

  39. TYBO2020 says:


  40. jughead1 says:


  41. President Ward says:

    Briana Bette,Bubbles,Cat Washington all got left out. WTF?!

  42. 828heffe says:

    @Ward i thought the same thing those 3 have to be in contention

  43. Scog says:

    Kai Lynn
    DC Dallas
    Lena Chase
    Cubana Lust
    Melyssa Milan

  44. 828heffe says:

    @Ward hell yeah. I say Brianna Bette or Kyra

  45. Big ALbert says:

    Ummm….yeah I hate to do this and disrespect my dude HAHZ but does anybody know who this chick in the middle is (purple dress)–> http://www.atlnightspots.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Delicia-Cordon_500.jpg

    Also Who is this
    NSFW gif–> http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maf9e3fxzQ1ruz6zso1_r2_500.gif

  46. Playboy69 says:

    Maliah is officially now LEGEND!…Maliah will be getting ASS OF FAME jacket coming soon!…LOL!

  47. jughead1 says:


  48. Big P says:

    I say fuck all these broke/wannabe star cornbread baking hoes. Beyonce is the baddest bitch in the world right now. She dropped the seed and is gonna be THE halftime show at the Super Bowl. You can combine all these bitches in this poll into one bitch and they still aint got shit on B. Word.

  49. RED 2K13 says:

    We had Great 2012 Corp

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