17-Year-Old LL Cool J Performing In Portland Maine For The First Time In 1985 (Video)

· January 30, 2013


It’s not throwback Thursday yet but you can still watch this rare video of LL Cool J back when he was only 17-years-old performing in front of a all white crowd in Maine before his hit song ‘Radio’.

The announcer and singer at the end is Cornell Clark, who LL has described as his mentor.

LL was paid $500 for the show and only got booked cause they couldn’t afford Run DMC. Since he was the only rap act, he was worried it would a be short performance, so my dad suggested he fill it in with the scratching and beat boxing education.


Kids that were there.

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  1. BzB says:

    lol. them people had no idea what the he11 was going on. salute to ll though, og in the game.

  2. big p says:

    lmao ..i’m sorry… this is hilarious

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