17 Year-Old David Denson Hit a 515 Foot Home-Run at Marlins Park

· January 3, 2013


How can one high school teenager have all this power?

Via The Big Lead:

High school senior David Denson might not be one of the top prospects in the country, but it’s hard to imagine a teenager having more power than him.

Denson, who turns 18 on January 17, hit a 515-foot home run at Marlins Park during the 2012 Power Showcase. DPL Baseball says Denson hit 19 home runs in the showcase, including three off the scoreboard. The showcase’s website says Denson won the home run derby with his 19 blasts.

Denson is 6-foot-4 and weighs 252 pounds. He is listed as a first baseman and pitcher, and he supposedly can thrown 90 mph. The South Hills High (Calif.) senior is committed to play college ball at the University of Hawaii.

He is about to cash out from this viral video..


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  1. Good luck to the young brother. I hope he dominates MLB real soon. Damn 515ft tho,the Barry bonds on steroids wasn’t banging it that far

  2. too_funny says:

    He a beast …. Man i wish more black kids would play more baseball, we would dominate just like football and basketball.

    • crabapples says:

      agreed. love seeing these young black kids playing baseball instead of football. long career, long $$$. body and mind stay healthy too.

  3. Davidgotpay says:

    Dominicans are taking that baseball money for real with no top salary..

  4. 4xtra says:

    He has a great swing BUT that bat by the sound of it is rolled and shaved

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