The cost of the gym membership is priceless when you factor these 17 reasons..



  • Oh I been hitting the gym for years 3/4 times a week @hahz so I can stay ready for these types of ladies lol. All of em are banging but Cmon….the bonus pic wins by a “laaaandslide” lol. Beautyp in da building. I like pic #1 too,she’s real nice. #megacorp

    • WildWild

      Ahahahahahahaaa…. I knew her #1 was gone be first on the charts when I seen that bonus pic… bout time your girl came with sumthn new, but it’s 2013 can we get a better phone for clarity…lol.. Damn!

    • too_funny (TC UNLTD VA)

      blurry azz pic…..nicca you MegaChumps aint invest in a new phone for her yet

      • MoorFedayeen

        THAT BONUS WAS WEAK! Get that cloudy ish out of here and tell her quit caking that black hood-rat gel on her hair.

    • Queso (The Corp)

      @B…..P lookin like she got them Spartan 300 abs painted on… Ewwww weeee lol

      • presto 2.5

        Cot Dayummm…

        “We shoulda made yall enter a credit card number to enter that bonus…”

        **@2Bummy stealing wifes PayPal card**…”Man fuk this…i gotta see that Bp joint”


  • too_funny (TC UNLTD VA)

    Sweet Lea Lea (she selling 24×36 posters on her website for $40….really lol)

    then youngn in the grey doing the splits.

  • Everyone gets free ice cream after their workouts lol and hahaha hahz has lifted “P” from her suspension i see.

    • Queso (The Corp)

      N had her in the bonus at that lol…. Let’s get it!!

      • lol yeah,don’t get too excited though..*sheed looking at MGC contract* “nah….”

        • presto 2.5

          Nah?…”Man you betta sign that shyt…you kno how many cats in line for an application”

          signing also protects you from the TC’s grabbing your azz when passing through the ANS posts…unless you like your azz squeezed by men…lol


  • Queso (The Corp)

    Shorty in them Grey tights could get the bizness kid and so can the rest of these broads!!!

  • Dammmmnnnn at the latina chic n the mirror with tha poka dot skirt on. That ass is crazy . Need name

    • Juan

      She killin da post with ol girl with da splits!! They can Erik out on me

      • Juan


  • Realtalkin

    Damn who is pic 13

    • Realtalkin

      pic 8 lookin real good too

  • BzB

    got “internal server error” first few times trying to load the pics. but your boy is persistent…deez servers can’t hold me back!

    red top grey pants booty is on ridiculous. two or more women like this in the gym and my workout is shot to hell. lol

  • President Ward

    Great post!

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • SCOG

    #13=Ms Goddess88. Damn That Azz Is Heavy. POUNDING!!! #3 & #14 Would Get The Pipe Too….

  • DCAssLuva

    that 1 in the white poka dots tights won my god!!!

    phat ho’s all up in this group

  • damnshame

    Good Lawd!!! i had all kind of filthy thoughts going thru this post…..