15 Fav On The Way To The Club Pictures

· July 27, 2012

Thickness Thursday 15 fav pictures of that I’m headed to the club. Who do you think stood out the most?


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  1. Red BP says:

    8 and 12 the only ones got my attention

  2. Red BP says:

    *Plants BP Flag*

  3. Ttown419 says:

    Shorty in the blue dress pic#7 sayin somethin to a brutha…and I can’t hate pinky be lookin aight wit da black hair, her homegirl lookin thicker den cotton too. Is dat candy richards?

  4. scog81 says:

    #8 & #11. Pinky & Her Homegirl is SupaThick!!!!

  5. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:


  6. wobeli says:

    No. 1 spot 7, then black/white stripes, then 8 nice, very, then Pinky’s friend.

  7. realtalkldn says:

    Pics 7, 8, 11 and 12 for me

    12 in particular wud get the biznaiss

  8. Can you say booty injections? I’ll pass…

  9. Mike Lowrey says:

    Ole girl in the stripes got this one.

  10. Big P says:

    6 to me got this. She got that natural look These other hoes look like they trying too hard

  11. DonkRida® says:

    Pic #12

  12. Playboy69 says:

    Pic 11 gets Gold Pic 14 gets Silver Pic 6 gets Bronze!….Pic 11 them girls are THICK LIKE SYRUP!…LOL!

  13. ballzdeepigo says:

    Who da hells the chic with pinky? Making pinky look slim.

  14. TYBO2020 says:


  15. Cgunna46 says:

    Who is the chocolate girl with pinky Hahz????

  16. 313Deuce BP says:

    all four of those girls in the first pic, Especially ol girl in the blue dress and pinky and her friend are definite winners.

    • Mister Mister says:

      I’d go with just the one in the lime green. Besides her, #6….

      I’m sorry, I really despise fake azzes….that’s why I’d go with a girl like Lanisha Cole over all these girls. She’s beautiful & confident with her body enough over these injectors

  17. scubasteve25 says:

    7 & 11 (just because of pinky’s friend, who is that?)

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