Over 2 million people watched 6’2 Seventh Woods’ debut Hoopmixtape from his freshman year. Whispers of “the next LeBron James” are already echoing around the court. Keep your eye on him cause he is going to be a problem.

  • Ace00

    We know he can dunk, but promo videos show only highlights. How is the rest of his game and is he a team player (or will he pull a Lebron and leave his school via a TV special).

  • sarco

    Impressive to say the least.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    i know bball and just off first look of his moves , i said niccccceee, and agreed with @ACE00 above , because his competition looked weak,

    Then i had to pause and remind my self that the kid is just 14 years old .

    THIZ JITT is going to be a problem , a scary problem if he does not burn out from pressure, the way he hooping, he could play bball at a community college now and do damage GSHIIIIIIIIIIT THOUGH

  • He got great timing and anticipation.. Insticts hella sharp..

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Yanno, the craziest thing is he’s 14!!! Its going to take about 3-4 years before the next phenom makes his debut. The game is going small and will focus on scoring, You’ll see more combo/hybrid players in the league, 2’s and 3’s that can score, dish and grab boards!!

    PG’s will have to be flawless to impress!

  • jamarxyz

    does he have a brain….can he go to class and get decent grades.

  • desolation

    I’m just blown away by how well this cat plays defense alone. If he keeps it up, he’s gonna do very well, especially if he gets 2-4 inches taller.

  • H

    The his competition don’t got nothing to do way he’s dunking on cats AND blocking shots…. and he’s only 14? like dude said, he could go to a community college now and be busting cats asses…he probably already does. and to think if he gets to like 6’6 and polishes his handle/outside shooting. Dude could be ready fr the league in 5 years easily