I can’t name 14 reasons why I can’t wait till the Summer Time but I could show you.. Jenna Shea, Rosee, Nya Lee and others show you benefits of warm weather.

Bonus 1
Bonus 2
Bonus 3

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Sheneka Adams iPhone Candy (1-30)

  • Playboy69

    Jenna Shea gets GOLD, Photo 3 gets SILVER, & Rosee gets BRONZE…. Jenna Shea WINS BLONDES STAY WINNING CONTINUES!

    • big p

      You can have that herpes having hooker.. I’ll stay clean and fresh with somebody who don’t sell their box online.. Peace.

  • BullnBearHP

    This is somethin’ serious…

    • DonkRida

      Lol, yes it is @Bulln

  • DonkRida

    Number 1 yellow bikini, smh

  • jamar

    yellow really looks good on a chocolate woman.

    • jamar

      gold really looks good on a chocolate woman.

  • Big ALbert

    #3 in the white bikini looks thick as hell.

    And for the record Jenna Shea is butt ugly.

    • Playboy69

      @ALBert… SMDH! Jenna Shea was name Dynasty Series Model of the Year for 2012 so THE HATE MUST COME OUT FROM YOUR ASS HOLE!…LOL!

      • Big ALbert

        Jenna She looks like John Elway.

  • Realtalkin

    1st 3 pics for me

  • Realtalkin

    Jenna body lookin crazy in them bonuses too

    • Playboy69


  • too_funny

    #1 yellow bikini and bonus pic#1

  • 513_Cincinnati

    white girls.. eww, nasty.

    • President Ward

      You cincinnnati n*ggas be lovin’ white h0es. FOH!

      • Playboy69

        @Ward… LMAO!

      • presto 2.5


  • LouieVtheKING

    Jenna bad but not worth 10k tho

    • big p

      you paying 10 racks for an std.

  • TYBO2020